Before you spend your money we can advise you on how to make the most of a budget.

If all you need is an address, map and phone number along with a description of the service that you provide this can often be achieved for 50 (assuming you've already bought the domain name and have some free hosting).

At the other end of the spectrum you may have two factories at different locations and need a company intranet along with a virtual private network, video conferencing and email system.

We can build systems such as these in house or project manage them on your behalf. Contact us and we can tell you whether your budget is capable of supporting your project. In some cases we may advise against a bespoke system as there may be a ready made solution for your problem available at a fraction of the cost. In other cases we may have seen additional problems that could cause trouble in the future.

We want you to recommend us to others and to return to us for upgrades and improvements. We know that you won't do this if we foist bad solutions on you. We would rather have 50 satisfied customers than 1000 sites showing us to do bad work.

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