Copy for your website

Nothing puts off visitors from returning to you site like static content. If they see the same thing the second time they visit they will assume that there is no point returning for a third time. This is especially important for your home page as this will usually be the first port of call. Sites such as the BBC's news pages are phenomenally successful because of their dynamic content. Sites that get recommended and returned to are online stores, those with a new twist every visit or reference works.

It is important to rememnber this on the pages that people visit first - usually the home page - there's no point adding 10 pages every day if the opening page doesn't make it clear that they exist.

It may be a problem for you to generate enough content to make your site interesting and that's where we can help.
Imagine that you run a small carpentary business. You're too busy filling orders and delivering them to spend time writing pages of explanations, taking photos of your work, draw maps of your location, etc. We can arrange for someone to do this.

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