Databases are used to store your data and provide a means of searching that data. If you have 10 enquiries per week to your gardening website and, at the end of the year, you want to know whether more people asked about mowing their lawn than planting their flower beds you won't need to dig through 500 enquiries - just run a database search. What if you need to know the most profitable service you run - just run a search. We can advise you on, and set up, databases on your site. If your hosting company doesn't have databases on its servers we can set one up on your own PC and write the applications to populate and search it.

Looking at your customers and orders from a variety of viewpoints by using a database can lead your business in new, unexpected and profitable directions.

If your site has no need of a database we'll tell you so and in the case of packages that include them, we'll discount you by the appropriate amount.

We have experience in MySQL, Oracle and Access databases and industry contacts for other database products.

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