Buying a domain name

HONESTY POLICY - if you go to buy a domain name by clicking on the link below, we receive 10% (this isn't added on to what you pay it's taken off of what they get).

The name registrar we're currently recommending is 123-reg. It's the cheapest one we've found and we've used it ourselves. You don't need to have the name that you buy hosted on their servers. If you do they offer a small discount when you buy the name and hosting at the same time.

They claim to sell domain names from 9p but you've then got to add on the registry fee and VAT so it's nearer 6 for 2 years. This is still good and there's no transfer fee if you want to move the name to a different registrar.

We can change the DNS on your behalf if you want your new domain name hosted on a different company's server.

Talk to us first if your not sure of the pros and cons.

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