Running your own web server

Running your own webserver may seem like a hugely complex thing to do and it can be if you're running a large site with business critical applications. However, if you have a permanent connection to the Internet such as ADSL broadband all that is needed is the addition of (free) webserver software. You then have complete control over your site. If you have an old PC this can be used as a webserver - you don't even need a monitor, mouse or keyboard. Alternatively, you can use your PC at the same time as it's a webserver although this isn't recommended.

As with all decisions there are pros and cons some of which are:

  • Completely under your control
  • No monthly fees (aside from electricity bills)
  • Easier to back up data
  • Can run multiple sites from one machine
  • Must be left on to be accessible
  • Needs to be set up initially
  • Ties up a machine
  • Unsuitable for high demand sites

Please contact us if you wish to discuss this. As stated it isn't always an appropriate solution but can be useful in some cases include prototyping and testing your site.

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