A walk through the process

Below is an outline of the process we'll pass through to get your business on the Internet. You may already have completed some of these steps before coming to us (such as buying a domain name). Some steps may not be needed for you particular site and the order may be altered. If there is anything not noted below that you feel is necessary please contact us.

Each of the steps detailed below can be carried out by yourself or we can do the work on your behalf.

Contact us for a free consultation about your requirements.

Buy your domain name(s) To buy a domain name (eg www.yourbiz.com) you need to contact a registrar, check that the name isn't owned by someone else and then purchase the name. There are one or two things that you need to ensure before handing over your money. We can make sure that you end up owning the domain as opposed to it being held by a third party. We will also advise you on possible problems with a name you are considering. [more]

Arrange hosting Your new site will need to be on a server that is permanently connected to the Internet so that other people can see it. We can advise you on what you'll need and whether you'll be able to expand your business when the time comes. [more]

Register with search engines We will register you with the major search engines and advise on specialist search engines.

Advertising outside of the Internet It's worth remembering that you're more likely to get visitors who heard about your site from the real world (such as a sign on a van) than because you were in the top 10 of a search on Google. Of the dozens of plumbers in your town how many can fit in the top 10? This is where advice on promoting your site can really pay off.

Reciprocal advertising Earn money by directing customers to other sites. If you bind books add a link to the site of a carpenter who builds bookcases and charge a percentage for every customer or have a link from their site to yours. This doesn't have to be intrusive banner advertising, a link and a recommendation presents a far stronger case.

Arrange affiliate site connections A one-way form of reciprocal advertising. Send customers to companies and get a percentage of their profit.

Performance tuning We will make sure that your site isn't left before the first page has loaded. Too much money is spent on beautiful pages that load in a split second but are never tested over a slow dialup connection. The result: after 10 seconds of looking at a blank screen the user will go elsewhere. You can have complex front pages to your site but you need to give the user something to look at whilst they load. Optimizing slow-loading pages may prevent you losing that 10,000 order.

Arranging payments over the Internet We can advise you about receiving payments over the Internet - credit cards, debit cards, Paypal and other e-money systems.

Site maintenance Once we have created your site it will need ongoing maintenance. We will give you written intructions on how to do this. However, we can also maintain your site for you and advise you of potential problems and new developments that may improve your site.

Database setup and management As you begin to reap the benefits of your site it will become increasingly important to keep track of your orders, late payments, old customers, etc. The standard way of doing this is to store all the information that customers enter into a database. It makes sense to plan ahead in this area as, if you decide to do this six months after the launch of your site, you will have to enter all the previous customer information. Databases are not necessary for all sites so we will advise you of the pros and cons for your website. [more]

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